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Apple TV Remote - Redesign Project

Summer 2016 / 5-week



- Case Study

- SWOT Analysis: Apple Remote & Siri Remote 

- Human Factors & Ergonomics Study 

- Mock-up - Clay Model

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A brand new design that will be more ergonomically friendly for users’ hand, a more accurate and efficient interaction, and being intuitive than ever. Combined these features will enhance the viewing experience and bring a more pleasant interaction while enabling more and more people to start to love Apple TV. 





During the past month, I have researched, tested and interviewed users about the Apple Remote. I discovered some critical barriers to those people who enjoy watching the show with Apple TV. First of all, Apple TV remote has opted for style over substance. The remote is simply too small and easily slips out of hand. Using it for more than 8-10 minutes is borderline uncomfortable. Secondly, a user needs to hold down the right/left side of the touch surface to fast-forward/rewind; it’s extremely hard to control and very easy to press in the wrong place. Finally, when using the Apple TV, you’ve got to enter lots of text to find things; the remote is very slow and inaccurate to do that. My design solves these barriers and will let more people start to love Apple TV.





In the past few years, 13 million Apple TVs sold (compare that to Roku’s sales of 5 million in the US), with “about half” sold in the last year. Additionally, Apple TV represented 10 percent of TV Everywhere authentications in the first quarter, up from 5 percent in the final quarter of last year. However, the Apple remote only gets 1.5 stars from user review. There is a significant opportunity for Apple to benefit from this by providing a more pleasant user experience that will be more ergonomically friendly for users’ hand, a more accurate and efficient interaction, and being intuitive than ever.





Here is how Mobius works. Mobius has an organic appearance / ergonomic design. It’s not just pretty when you hold it; you will feel like it only designs for your hand. It is not just fit your right hand, but also friendly with your left side. This is better than current solutions because the user won’t feel the size and shape are awkward for the hand, and it looks much more attractive than the old looking.  When a user wants to fast-forward/rewind, they can quickly do that by rotating the wheel on the remote; the user can control the speed by themselves. The LED light will also be showing on the stripe, a user will know where they are at, and when they see the light is almost there, they can stop to rotating the wheel, it will start to play. This is better because it will be more efficient and accurate. Finally, we set up the keys on a perfect path, which is mean allow user use their thumb to interact with all buttons more naturally when they hold the remote with one hand.