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Rebranding & Packaging  Design Project

Spring 2016 / 14-week


The laxmi story

Laxmi begins in 1970 with one small store in Jackson Heights, Queens. Brothers G.L. and K.L. Soni noticed an increasing demand for Indian food culture and answered it by opening a specialty import business that would grow into a national legacy.

Products Offered

Laxmi produces and manufactures a variety of Indian foods under its own Laxmi brand and partners with several international distributers. We supply fine ingredients and staples like rice, beans, legumes, and exotic flours. And because authentic flavor is essential, we distribute whole, ground, and blended spices for use in Indian cooking and other Asian cuisines. Snacks and sweets are another specialty import, as well as a full lineup of frozen foods. And we carry a variety of beverage mixes, teas, and fruit drinks, too.


Brand Key Attributes

Simple   -   Vogue   -   Feminine   -   

Charming   -   Covetable   -   Delightful


The Concept

The new LOGO for LAXIM provides a sense of elegant and delicate. In this case, feminine is a very irreplaceable factor of this brand. The new logo use a simple twist X instead of the original character modeling to represent this important factor. The change of X also represent the new design language of the packaging design.



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